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Training to S.O.A.R

Our Mission:
Training to S.O.A.R was designed to help develop early childhood professionals' skills in the areas of customer service and professionalism. We focus on areas of self-improvement, open-mindedness, advancement, ability to relate, and student success. Through our training, you will renew your career, create and build relationships, and inspire yourself to be the best you can be.

S.O.A.R Training
(Approved for 3 Nevada Registry Hours)
S.O.A.R is designed to help you p
ut your career in perspective.  What goals have you set in your current career? Do you know and understand your company’s vision and mission statement? What is your attitude towards change in the workplace? What skills have you built for a successful career? How are you best able to contribute to the company you currently work for? Join us and find out how to S.O.A.R!

Customer Service and Professionalism in Early Childhood Education
(Approved for 3 Nevada Registry Hours)
Customer service is a complex, yet integral part of working in any educational setting. This training will help you understand the fundamentals and key techniques of customer service in educational settings. We will be investigating different perspectives on the effectiveness of customer service in your company. You will also see how professionalism fits into your current role as an educator. We will design an action plan using the 3 B’s concept. What does your ideal of professionalism look like currently? How can your actions and attitudes in the workplace be altered and developed to create this ideal?

Unique Communication Techniques
(Approved for 2 Nevada Registry Hours)

This two-part training will allow you to better understand your own unique communication techniques and how to facilitate effective discourse between parents, teachers, and management. In part one, we will focus on receptive communication- how you prefer for others to communicate with you. In part two, we will focus on expressive communication – how your own communication style impacts interactions with team members. 

My Organizational Lens
(Approved for 2 Nevada Registry Hours)
Do your parents and peers see you as an organized teacher? This training will focus on the different skills that can help you organize your classroom or office. How is your classroom/office perceived? What environment are your trying to create? What impacts does your space have on those within it? 

Team-Building in My World
(Approved for 2 Nevada Registry Hours)
This training is designed to successfully facilitate collaboration and cooperation between team members. It focuses on increasing both individual and whole-group motivation, looking at the essential strengths that each member brings to the group. 

Our Trainers:

Gigi Perry

Gigi, a California native, has 20+ years of experience in customer service, management, and early childhood education. She has received an Associate’s degree in Visual Merchandising, a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Administration, and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Special Education. She has spent much of her time focused on training, coaching, and mentoring, specializing in areas of management and customer service/professionalism. She looks forward to meeting and sharing all her expertise with attendees of the Training to S.O.A.R classes.

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